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Portuguese Tax Number

Together with the Portuguese Tax Authority, Técnico’s International Affairs Office and Legal Department have streamlined Tax Number (NIF) issuance procedures for its international community members (students of all study cycles, faculty, researchers, employees). This service is available once a semester in order to include all new members of Técnico’s international community.

Thus, at the beginning of each semester all the services and units with direct contact and responsibility with students, departments and transversal structures are contacted via email with all the instructions to follow:

1. Identify student/researcher/teacher/collaborator who needs a Portuguese Tax Number;
2. Support student/researcher/teacher/collaborator in preparing the documentation;
3. Scheduling for the recognition of signatures.

Those interested should deliver the documentation to the service in charge, namely:

  • Admissions Office: International Students (1st and 2nd Cycle)
  • Graduation Office: European Union Students (1st and 2nd Cycle)
  • Post Graduation Office: European Union and International Students (PhD)
  • Mobility and International Cooperation Office: Student/researcher/ teacher/collaborator in mobility
  • Departments and transversal structures: researcher/researcher/collaborator from each department or transversal structure

Once all the necessary conditions are fulfilled, the Admissions Office starts the process with the Portuguese Tax Authority. Once the process is concluded, the services are contacted in order to pick up the file and deliver it to the applicants.

The interested parties should gather the following documentation:

  • Power of Attorney with the necessary powers to request the Tributary Authority to attribute the Portuguese Tax Number (NIF);
  • Declaration of acceptance of representation by Técnico Lisboa (for European Union citizens and other for non-EU citizens);
  • Personal identification documents and proof of address in Portugal and in the country of origin.

The applicant does not incur any costs with this procedure.

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