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Almeida Garrett

Almeida Garrett is a national mobility programme for higher education students in public institutions. Its aim is to promote the quality and reinforce the national dimension of the Higher Education System, allowing the mobility of students for 1 semester period, which will correspond to a maximum of 30 ECTS Credits.

Almeida Garrett Programme is very similar to the ERASMUS Programme (bilateral agreements between higher education institutions, full recognition of the academic curricular units taken at the host institution; tuition paid at the home institution).

This programme is for  1st and 2nd cycle students.  The mobility period for 1st cycle students is in year 2 and the prerequisite is that the student must have completed a total of  60 ECTS when he starts the mobility. The mobility period for the 2nd cycle students takes place in the 2nd semester and only during that period.

There are no grants to support this programme.

For more information please contact NMCI.

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