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The ERASMUS is the most widely known higher education student exchange programme in Europe. Since it’s launch over 25 years ago, more than one million students have benefited from the experience of studying in a foreign country.

The ERASMUS programme involves 2000 education institutions in 31 countries, or 90% of the European higher education institutions. In addition to the role it plays in teaching, the ERASMUS programme is now a truly social and cultural phenomenon, creating thus an open mindedness never before seen. In addition, it creates tolerant spirits and promotes inter-cultural dialogue among European youngsters.

How to apply?

The ERASMUS programme allows students to carry out one semester or a year of studies in the European universities involved in the Programme.

To apply to the ERASMUS Programme, students should be enrolled on the 2nd cycle at IST.

ERASMUS scholarships

The ERASMUS programme offers a number of Mobility Scholarships. Nevertheless, as often happens, it is possible for an ERASMUS student to carry out his/her mobility programme without having been  awarded a scholarship.

The number of scholarships awarded on an annually basis hinges on EU budgetary availability. At national level, these scholarships are awarded by the Education Ministry via National Agency and managed by the Rectory of the Technical University of Lisbon.

The scholarships are awarded through a selection process carried out by the ERASMUS Scientific Coordinator for each curricular programme.

The scholarships awarded to ERASMUS students are aimed at covering current expenses arising from mobility itself and do not contemplate  the  usual everyday expenses that a student would normally have at the home university. For instance, the scholarships awarded are around 200€/month.

Strictly for Universities that hold Erasmus agreements with  Técnico.  If you don’t find the desired university, you should contact the ERASMUS Coordinator of your course always before the application deadline.

NOTE – This list will be updated for the next phase of ERASMUS,that will be 2021/27.

Please note: The numbers settled in the agreements are limited. Please note that Mobility Office / NMCI cannot request additional openings.

Important information: Should the student not pass,(failure), the beneficiary must return the scholarship in full.

For more information please contact Erasmus Team.

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