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About International Affairs

The IST International Affairs (AI) aims at promoting its visibility abroad as well as attract an increasing number of foreign mobility and international students and researchers by establishing and strengthening existing partnerships and networks such as CLUSTER, MAGALHÃES, among others. It is also important for IST to actively participate in international research, training and educational projects, such as Kic InnoEnergy and Erasmus Mundus.

On the other hand, the IA’s mission is also to attract incoming and send abroad mobility students (outgoing) and researchers by offering a diversity of international programmes, and identifying new project opportunities and protocols, that will highlight IST’s prestige worldwide.

The International Affairs is divided in two different offices:

  • The International Office
  • The Mobility and International Cooperation Office
Tasks Contacto
Funding opportunities and projects

Support and advice in the preparation of proposals
Coordination of Mobility Programmes

Logistic and administrative support to incoming and outgoing students