Instituto Superior Técnico

Área Internacional


The International Office is responsible for:

  • Advise, implement and assess IST’s internationalization strategy;
  • Ensure and support IST partnership in the European Institute of Technology (EIT);
  • Coordinate IST participation in CLUSTER, TIME, CESAER and MAGALHÃES and other international networks that IST will join;
  • Identify opportunities for new international cooperation agreements with universities, R&D centres, industry and companies;
  • Prospect and prepare proposals for international projects (e.g. Erasmus Mundus) and insure its development;
  • Identify funding opportunities and projects, and disseminate them at IST;
  • Give support and advice to IST professors and researchers in the preparation of proposals.

The Mobility and International Cooperation Office is responsible for:

  • Coordinate mobility programmes;
  • Implement and renew agreements;
  • Disseminate mobility programmes to students;
  • Support with administrative and internal academic procedures for incoming and outgoing students;
  • Assist foreign students and researchers with visas, contracts, scholarships and social security;
  • Provide Housing services for international students and researchers;
  • Organise Welcome sessions for incoming students at the beginning of each semester;
  • Coordinate foreign visitors  (teaching and non-teaching staff) under the different mobility programmes, including prospective institutions;
  • Organise and participate in national and international events;