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International Ambassadors Programme


Técnico is regularly contacted by its partners in order to encourage its students, who are undertaking a mobility period in those schools, to participate in their fairs, while disseminating the activities promoted by Técnico.

In this regard, the International Area (AAI) set up the Técnico Ambassador Programme, which will be put in practice by the NMCI, with a view to establishing a network of International Ambassadors who will cooperate in disseminating and promoting Técnico among its partners, during their mobility period.

Who are the International Ambassadors

These ambassadors may be students who will represent Técnico while they are undertaking a mobility period or, on the other hand, foreign students who are under a mobility programme at Técnico, and show interest in becoming international ambassadors, while acting as privileged interlocutors and promoters of Técnico.

Ambassador’s Mission

  • Represent Técnico (during mobility) in events organized by locals students;
  • Leader and facilitator of dissemination activities abroad;
  • Counselor to perspective international students about academic programmes;
  • Inform foreign students about Portuguese culture and inform about living and studying in Lisbon;
  • Clarify queries about studying at Técnico.

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