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The accommodation  offered by NMCI is strictly for students of IST’s mobility programs, in the context of the agreements.

Shearch before you arrive

We suggest that you start looking for accommodation as soon as you know about acceptance to participate in an IST mobility program. In fact, there are not many rooms for rent in Lisbon close to IST, especially at the beginning of the school year, and for all students who are looking for them. They are not always at cheap prices.

Other useful contacts (accommodation, buddy system)

Other useful contacts (accomodation, buddy system)

The first days


The first days
Upon arrival in Lisbon, if you still do not have accommodation, you can count on a week until you find a room. Therefore, we suggest that, for the first few days, stay in one of the 2 youth hostels in Lisbon. The price is reasonable and the conditions are very good.

Lisbon Youth Hostel (near IST)

Rua Andrade Corvo, 46 Via de Moscavide, Lote 47 – 101

1050 – 009 Lisboa

Tel.: +351 213 532 696

Fax: +351 213 537 541


Pousada da juventude – Parque das Nações

Via de Moscavide, Lote 47 – 101

1998 Lisboa, Expo

Tel.: +351 218 920 890

Fax: +351 218 920 891


General contact for booking

Telefone: + 351 707 20 30 30

Fax: + 351 21 723 21 02



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