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Reception Week: Useful Information

Welcome to Técnico!

Here you can find useful information upon your arrival at Técnico.

Once at Técnico, if you need a certificate/declaration of arrival signed, please send it to the team that manages your mobility:
Outside Europe Exchanges:

We will send it back to you, stamped and signed, as soon as possible.

To change subjects in your Learning Agreement, you will need to contact your Mobility Coordinator.
You can find yours in the document below:
Contacts of the Mobility Coordinators (PDF, 171 KB)

Incoming Student within Almeida Garrett, Erasmus+ (Europe), Double Degrees, IS: LINK Exchange Programmes

Changes for P2 only:

If you wish to change your Learning Agreement, please use the following form:
Changes to the Learning Agreement Form (Word, 68,6 KB)

To make the changes:
Use the document called “Changes to the Learning Agreement Form”
In the field Component Code, insert the name of the Master Degree of the selected subjects (ex: MEMec21, MEEC21, etc)

This document must be signed by you and your home mobility coordinator
Once the document is signed you must send it to your Mobility Coordinator at IST. After the document is fully signed please send it to

After this we will contact you with information on how you will make the changes on the system.

The Deadline to send us the signed document for the changes is 26 November.
After this date, no changes will be considered.
Changes will only be considered official/validated if you follow this procedure.

For Incoming Students within InnoEnnergy Exchange Programme.

If you wish to change your Learning Agreement, please use the following form:

InnoEnergy : Study Plan Form (PDF, 35,0 KB)

InnoEnergy: Changes to the Study Plan Form (PDF, 149KB)

For Incoming Student within Bilateral Agreements Outside Europe, SMILE Exchange Programme and Erasmus Mundus.

If you wish to change your Learning Agreement, please use the following form:
Outside Europe: Changes to the Learning Agreement Form (Word, 42,0 KB)

Information about Tecnico Card and Login Setup on Fenix

CONNECT link access:


To see your IST ID login to connect and click on your photo on the top right of your connect account.


Click “Manage data access authorization” to move forward.

Click “Change authorization” on the top right to move forward.

Select “I authorize the data access” and click “Submit and continue” to move forward.

Click “Finish“.

When you have finished the data access authorization on the previous step you must click on “Go to connect”  on the top left to access the main page of the connect.


On the main page on Connect or login again on Connect. 

Select “Set Password” to proceed.

Click “Start” to set up your password.

After creating your password finish the process by selecting “Go to Connect“.


Select “Set Institutional email” to proceed.

Click “+Set Email Address” to set your email.


Log in to Fenix 

Upload a photo in “Personal Information

Upload a photo.

Click on the icon where your photo should be.

 One or 2 days later you can request your card on:

Connect platform:

Click in “Request Técnico Indetification Card

Or you can request on the Fenix platform

Personal» Técnico Card 


Keen to learn Portuguese?

Técnico has a Portuguese language course available, from A1 to B2, for InnoEnnergy Exchange Programme, Bilateral Agreements Outside Europe, SMILE Exchange Programme and Erasmus Mundus.

To enrol and for additional information, please contact each programme by email.


Are you under 23 years old and do you need a monthly pass to go to and from Técnico?
You can use the following form to have a monthly pass with a student’s fare:

SUB-23 : Form (for monthly pass) (PDF, 77,7 KB)

SUB-23 : Instructions (PDF, 273 KB)

Health Care at Técnico

Técnico has a Health Care area on each Campus, assisting the Técnico community with health support.
To retrieve information about locations, specialities, schedules and pricelist, please check  the Health Care Page

Exploring Portugal

Excited to know more about Portugal and its culture?

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) has devised a guide for you to help explore the best of Portugal on your own.
Loaded with “Top Places to Visit ” and a “Bucket List”, you will surely have unique and rich experiences on your “Road Trip”.
You can check here the Portugal Visit Guide (EN) (PDF, 14 MB) done by ESN!

Did you know that there is a Técnico App for Android and IOS?

Find out more at Técnico’s App website

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