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General Description

The Katamaran Project promotes a master’s program designed for future decision makers in the field of power engineering and environmental protection and with the ambition to be leaders of energy transition implementation.

The program is covering all aspects of energy transition:

  • renewable energy
  • low emission combustion,
  • circular economy
  • new generation alternative fuels
  • waste to energy
  • efficiency of power systems
  • energy storage
  • decommissioning
  • world energy policy

Additionally, the program delivers skills related to management together with soft skills – like presentation, discussion, influence, problem solving and making value judgements. The program shapes leadership skills together with ability to work in a group on different positions.

Study scheme

The general structure of study program is:

  • First year starts in October, at SUT, Gliwice, Poland,
  • Second year starts in September at IST, Lisbon, Portugal,
  • Graduate obtains 2 diplomas – one issued by SUT (MSc in Power Engineering) and one issued by IST (MSc in Energy Engineering and Management),
  • Classes are conducted in English in international groups

Admission criteria

  • In order to be accepted the candidates must meet current admission criteria of SUT and IST for the program.
  • The candidate will be reviewed by representatives of SUT and IST individually.

Application Date

  • Round 1: March 27 to May 30 – EU/non-EU
  • Round 2: 31 May to 29 June – EU/non-EU
  • Round 3: 30 June to 29 July – only EU

Admission timeline

  • Start of study 1st year: October (SUT)
  • Start of study 2nd year: September (IST)
  • Candidates will be assessed on an ongoing basis

Application and acceptance process

  • The application process is organized by SUT with assistance from IST.
  • Candidates apply to the program at SUT
  • Acceptance to the program will be granted after review made by SUT and IST
  • All applicants will be informed by SUT on the outcome of the selection process.

Tuition fees

MSc SEE program is open to all nationalities. However, the tuition fee depends on country of origin according to different educational agreements.

Fees are applied according to current rules of both universities. For the first year according to rules of SUT and during the second year IST.



For EU students first year tuition is free.

There is still the possibility of some students of selected nationalities to apply for an additional scholarship to support living costs: here.

More information here.

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