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Teaching Staff Mobility (STA)

The Erasmus + Program allows the mobility of teaching staff between European higher education institutions, for a teaching period, thus contributing to the internationalization of higher education institutions.

Objectives of Teaching Missions

Provide teachers with an opportunity for personal and professional development;
Encourage universities to expand and enrich the variety and content of their course offerings;
Strengthen links between Higher Education Institutions in different countries;
Promote the exchange of knowledge and experience in pedagogical methods.



The teacher must be an employee of the institution (need to have a teaching contract with the institution, regardless of the type of contract and its duration);

Eligible host institutions:

The mobility of teachers for teaching missions takes place between higher education institutions that have an Interinstitutional Agreement  valid for the year mobility, with teacher mobility activities planned for specific teaching areas.



It has a minimum duration of 2 days and a maximum duration of 2 months (excluding travel days) and requires a minimum of 8 hours per week to be taught at the host institution.



ULisboa teachers interested in making an Erasmus mobility for teaching at a partner institution, must submit their application to the Mobility and International Cooperation Office of their School, within the deadlines established by the same.

Teachers should contact the partner institution directly to find out about the possibility of carrying out the mobility for the teaching mission.


Step by step

Teachers must deliver the following documents to the Mobility and International Cooperation Office:

Ficha de Docente completed and signed;

Mobility Agreement – Work Program, completed and signed by the teacher, head of the department and the person in charge at the host institution;

After the delivery of the documentation, the Rector’s Mobility Center issues an Erasmus Contract, through which the Erasmus scholarship will be awarded (if applicable)

After returning to Ulisboa, the professor must deliver to the the Mobility and International Cooperation Office the supporting documents for his mobility:

Declaration of stay, proving the dates of mobility and the number of hours taught;

Copy of travel invoice or boarding tickets

The teacher must also submit the Erasmus teacher report that will be sent to you by email.


Travel Band

The concept of “Travel” encompasses all necessary travel between ULisboa and the host institution.

Under the Erasmus + Program, the co-payment of travel costs is based on the distance in kilometers between Lisbon and the location of the destination institution. The number of kilometers is then reported to the Erasmus STA scholarship table, to identify the value of the respective travel band.

Table of Scholarships

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