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Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research

The Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research is a network of leading European Universities of Technology. Their fundamental missions are advanced research and higher education of engineers, scientists and architects. Their common goal within CLUSTER is the quest towards excellence in the fulfillment of these missions.

The CLUSTER Universities have agreed on a set of common policy statements, in particular the convention on mutual recognition of titles stating that students from other CLUSTER institutions will be admitted like local students to master and PhD.

More recently, CLUSTER have invested largely in the Sino-European Platform of Engineering Education (S3EP), launched in September 2010. S3EP is composed of 12 Schools of CLUSTER and 18 Chinese Universities, in the fields of Science, Technology and Engineering, considered by the Chinese Ministry of Education as top priorities for the development and social cohesion of the country. S3EP’s main goal is to promote the collaboration between Institutions of Higher Education in Engineering of Europe and China in the following domains: promotion of talents, mobility of students and professors, development of pedagogic materials and collaboration in diverse areas of scientific research.


CLUSTER Dual Masters

The CLUSTER Dual Masters program at IST allow master students who study one year at IST and one year at another CLUSTER university (with a valid agreement with  IST) to obtain two Master Diplomas at the end of the study period. General questions regarding these agreements can be directed to the Silvia Santos, Mobility and International Cooperation Office.

Sino-EU Doctoral School for Sustainable Engineering (SESE)

In 2012, the Sino-European Platform of Engineering Education (S3EP), in order to further enhance cooperation between China and Europe, decided to establish the Sino-EU Doctoral School for Sustainable Engineering (SESE). The School goal is to include up to 10 Doctoral Areas (projects) involving S3EP partner universities. Each Doctoral Area must involve 2 to 4 S3EP members from China and Europe.

4 pilot programs were approved in 2013 under umbrella of SESE:

  • Sino-EU Outstanding Ph.D Joint Program in Mechanical Engineering/Energy and Transportation (Applicants: Tongji University, Kalshrue Institute of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology & Instituto Superior Técnico);
  • Sino-EU Engineering Education Joint Graduate Student Supervision Programme in New and Clean Energy (Applicants: Chinese University of Petroleum & Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña)
  • Sustainable Urban Development through the Design, Planning and Construction of Large Public Buildings (Applicants: South China University of Technology & Politecnico di Torino)
  • Excellence Leading Talents Cultivation of Sustainable Energy Science and Engineering (Applicants: Zhejiang University & Kungliga Tekniskahögskolan & TU Eindhoven)