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EIT Health is a consortium of more than 50 partners (and in addition 90 associate organisations) from leading businesses, research centres and universities from across 14 EU countries. IST is part of this consortium through the presence of Universidade de Lisboa in the “InnoStars” regions.

 Goals and impact

The goal of EIT Health is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of European industry, improve the quality of life of Europe’s citizens and the sustainability of healthcare system. The partnership will promote entrepreneurship and develop innovations in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe with new opportunities and resources. This will be achieved through delivering products, concepts and services, including educational programmes that will nurture talents and train the workforce of tomorrow. Adopting an investor approach,EIT Health will drive the integration of business; research and higher education, boost innovation, and be a catalyst for new solutions for Europe.

EIT Health will overcome the fragmentation of different healthcare systems in Europe and give companies easier access to markets across the EU. The critical mass of partners from business and industry, education, research, healthcare providers and insurance companies within EIT Health, opens the path to reduced time to market for added value products and services.

 EIT Health aims to, among others:
  • support and grow this figure to 90 new products/services annually by 2018
  • by 2018 create 70 start-ups per year
  • have 1 000 000 students taking part in its educational online programmes per year by 2018
  • In its first full year of operation in 2016 EIT Health expects to incubate approximately 80 new business ideas, rising to 140 in 2018.


The KIC EIT health is preparing a call for innovation projects. The strategy covers a series of meetings to mature the ideas and matchmaking events. These projects are product and business oriented, are not fully funded and require complementary activities under other ongoing projects.

Please find below some example of questions the innovation team is looking for:

  • What IT tools can EIT Health develop to reduce hospital intake for patients with diabetic complications by 20% by 2020?
  • What non-invasive innovations can EIT Health develop that increase bone strength in people over 75 years old?
  • What e-health solutions can be developed to increase healthcare access for dementia patients, and reduce the burden on home-carers?

Please think it over and try to draw up 2-3 thematic questions until 20th February that reflect the thematic focus of your work that can fit into the EIT Health strategy.

Please send your suggestions to:

Fatima Montemor

Luis Silveira

Documentation for Innovation call – innovations by Idea 2016.

Important dates regarding the Innovation Projects – Idea & Design

  • 1st February – call for Innovation by Idea OPEN
  • 24/25th February – partnering event in Rotterdam (Bene CLC) for Innovation by Idea
  • 1st April – call for Innovation by Design OPEN
  • 14/15 th April – partnering event in Lodz/Warsaw (InnoStars) for Innovation by Design (TBC)
  • 16th May – call for Innovation by Idea & Design CLOSED

Pre-Call for EIT Health Accelerator Projects

This Pre-Call is intended to give an overview on composition and accessibility of the EIT Health accelerator activities:

  1. For 2016, this pre-call shows how start-ups and entrepreneurs can apply for participation or funding. Selection processes and deadlines are set individually for each project.
  2. For 2017, this pre-call shows how EIT Health partner institutions can apply to be involved in the 2017 activities and projects. Hosting institutions for Accelerator 2017 will be chosen in August 2016. The call for projects 2017 will refer to our online platform EIT Health Plaza STARTING ON APRIL 1st, DEADLINE WILL BE MAY 16th 2016. Information on activity design provided by this pre-call might still be slightly adapted until April 1st. The call on April 1st will be based on the final EIT Health Plaza design.

Calls to the education programmes of KIC Health already open!

The calls of education was announced this week and are available in .

The deadlines for submit proposals to EIT Health will end at 16th of May, the internal deadline to articulate with ULisboa Rectory will be 15th of April.