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RMB Project

RMB – Reuse of modernist buildings. Design tools for sustainable transformations

RMB is a European project developed in the framework of the ERASMUS + program. It aims at initiating an educational framework of common definitions, approaches and methodologies on a European level. It is based on existing research, educational practices and reference projects in the program countries and associated states. The project will run for 36 Months from September 2016.

The majority of the built up fabric in urban areas all over the world dates from the 20th century. These neighbourhoods, quarters and buildings, in all part of the world are in danger of being destroyed with the risk of losing specific cultural elements and environments.

RMB will contribute to the urgent speed up of the transformation of the EU building stock and by doing so creating better job chances for students in the field, generate more jobs for the building industry as a whole and in the end improve people’s lives and build greener and better societies.

RMB explores combinations of traditional e-learning forms, on site events such as conferences and workshops as well as extended very innovative e-learning options in digital fabrication and building integrated management (BIM). It will improve the possibilities of a remote teaching in design education, which is not self-evident up till now. The results will be disseminated to a wider audience through open courses, open sources and best practice syllabi.

By engaging in interdisciplinary work with broader perspectives from diverse actors and fields, students are involved in a wide range of educational opportunities that challenge them to develop specific competencies and expertize combined with a broad spectrum of critical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

RMB PARTNERS: Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium), Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), Universidade de Lisboa – Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), Istanbul Teknik Universitesi (Turkey), Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe (Deutschland – coordinator), Docomomo International (Portugal) and The Energy and Resources Institute (India)

IST TEAM: Alexandra Alegre, Ana Tostões, Francisco T. Bastos, João V. Caldas, Miguel Amado, Patricia Lourenço and Teresa Heitor (coordinator)


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