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Erasmus Placements

Erasmus+ provides Erasmus mobility grants for students who wish to carry out a placement abroad, in a European country (SMP mobility). Any IST student enrolled in a Master Programme may apply to an Erasmus placement.

Contrarily to what happens with studies mobility (SMS), bilateral agreements are not necessary for SMP mobility.

The total amount of both mobilities (SMS+SMP) corresponds to a maximum of 12 months.

Students may undertake a traineeship in a company or in a Higher Education Institution abroad, where their mobility will involve work-based rather than in-class learning.

Any public or private company, active in the labour market, may be eligible as host organization.

Students are responsible for finding a company/Instituion in which to carry out their placement and to initiate the first contacts with the person responsible at the Host Institution.

Students and Erasmus coordinator/scientific supervisor must agree on the placement programme or thesis along with the person responsible at the Host Institution. The internship programme must define:

  1. The activities to be developed:
  2. The competences to be acquired;
  3. The tasks to be performed by the student at the Host Institution;
  4. The evaluation of the internship.

The Learning Agreement for Traineeships must be signed by the student and signed and stamped by the Erasmus coordinator/scientific supervisor and the responsible at the Host Institution.

The internship period will result and be recognized by ECTS credits, which must be previously approved and identified by the Erasmus coordinator.

At the end the student must submit a Traineeship Report along with a Letter of confirmation of the mobility period. The final payment of the grant will not be made until these documents have been submitted.

For more informations please contact NMCI