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Due to Technical Difficulties, the online application will not open on October 15th.

The online application will be available soon.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Welcome to the application submission process!

Application Form

You can start filling in the application form by email/cellphone number authentication:

Online Application

Email authentication

By registering in the system using your email address, you will receive a code to access the application form.

After filling the form

After the form submission, you may view or alter the application data. The access to your application depends on the way of submission.

For your information, our procedure is like this, after all documents are submitted and after the deadline closes, the Coordinator of the Course in which you have applied at IST will sign the LA (if everything is OK), as well as we and then we’ll submit it again with all the signatures and stamps.
Then the system sends an e-mail to you saying you are accepted, with a link to download the signed LA.

Tutorial Video [How to Create an Account and Log In]

*Pay attention to the identity validation step. Find the new instructions below the video.


Note to “Identity Validation” procedure

In the video (at 02 mins and 14s) three options for identity validation are presented, but there is one more option. The “webcam” validation.

For this last step, the instructions are shown in the following images.


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