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Welcome to the application submission process!

Application Form

You can start the filling the application form in two ways: by email authentication or using your European e-ID Login.

Email authentication

By choosing this identification method, you will be asked to enter and validate your email before starting filling the form. By registering in the system using your email address, you will receive a link in your inbox with access to the application form.

European e-ID Login

The STORK project is an effort to establish a European Identification Platform that will allow citizens to establish new electronic relations in the European Union, just by presenting their national citizen card. So in this context you can identify yourself securely and easily.

Fill the application form

Choose the authentication method to start filling the application form:

Required documents

After you fill and submit your application form, you are required to upload the following documents:

  • Passport photo – The photo will be used to generate IST student card.
  • Passport or identity card
  • Learning agreement – The learning agreement will be available in your application process page after the form submission. Before the submission of the learning agreement, the applicant must validate the curricular units that he/she intends to follow. You’re required to download, sign, stamp and reupload the document.
  • Curriculum vitae in English
  • Transcript of records – Bachelor Degree+ Master Degree (subjects done until the application opens) in English, but we also accept in Italian and Spanish (for students from Italy and Spain).
  • Declaration of English level – Students must have at least a B2 level in English. Students can upload a language certificate issued by a language school or a declaration stating that they have good command of the English language signed and stamped by the coordinator of mobility at home University.
  • NOTA: Os estudantes Brasileiros podem submeter os documentos em Português.

After filling the form

After the form submission, you may view or alter the application data. The access to your application depends on the way of submission.

For your information, our procedure is like this, after all documents are submitted and after the deadline closes, the Coordinator of the Course in which you have applied at IST will sign the LA (if everything is OK), as well as we and then we’ll submit it again with all the signatures and stamps.
Then the system sends an e-mail to you saying you are accepted, with a link to download the signed LA.

Email authentication

With your application submission an email was sent to your mailbox with a link which gives you access to your application form. If you lost the link you can recover it in your email here.

European e-ID Login

If you submitted the application with your electronic citizen card you can access it by authenticating in the Identification Plataform. To access your application follow this link: Access to application form


  • 1º Semestre – 15 maio a 15 de junho
  • 2º Semestre – 15 outubro a 15 de novembro
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