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Applications for a mobility exchange at Técnico are now open.
The deadline to submit is November 19th.

Welcome to the application submission process!

For a correct application, please follow our instructions on the Guideline for the Connect Mobility Admission Platform (PDF, 1.48 MB)

Online Application

Important Information:

Applicants must choose the majority of the courses/subjects (51%), not ECTS credits, in the selected Degree at Técnico or your application will be Rejected

Applicants cannot change their Degree after the Onboarding deadline (Phase 2)

We recommend 30 ECTS per semester, but you can select a maximum of 42 ECTS

Documents required for your application:

Passport (Outside Europe) or European ID
ID photo for Fénix profile
Official Transcript of Records
English Certificate Level B2 (any Official Language Certificate, Official Declaration from Home University or digital certificates from EFSET/Duolingo are also accepted)

Learning Agreement:
For the ERASMUS Programme: you can use your university template
For the Outside Europe Programme: you will receive an email after the ID Validation approval (Phase 1)

Tutorial Video [How to Create an Account and Login]




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