Mobility Open Day | 1st Edition

On November 23 and 24th of 2022, the Mobility and International Cooperation Office will organize an Open Day with the purpose of informing the whole community of Técnico Lisboa about the mobility possibilities in which they can participate.

In this event the NMCI team will be distributed in different Mobility Programmes Information Stands about the several programmes available for the Técnico Lisboa community:

  • International Internships;
  • Mobility outside Europe;
  • Short Term Courses;
  • Erasmus Studies;
  • International Ambassadors;
  • Joint Programmes;
  • Mobility Studies Europe (HMDA, MTIH, UNITE!)
  • National Studies Mobility (Almeida Garrett Program);
  • Staff Mobility – Teaching and Training

In addition to these stands, during these days you can also hear testimonials about the various mobility programs offered by Técnico Lisboa in the organized Mobility Talks. We will count on the presence of several students who will be available to talk about their mobility experience.

Check the session schedules and more information about the event here!