FOSTWOM | Multiplier Event “Fostering Women into STEM MOOCs: An Open Toolkit for Gender-Balance Design”

We are pleased to announce the “Fostering Women into STEM MOOCs: An Open Toolkit for Gender-Balance Design” Multiplier Event, in the framework of CC Global Summit 2021, that will be held virtually on Thursday, September 23, from 13h30 to 14h30.

FOSTWOM is an EU-funded ERASMUS+ project which aims at developing content and tools to support gender-balanced STEM MOOCs. FOSTWOM Toolkit promotes gender-equality training on the job and can help to recognize situations of gender inequality soon enough to correct them or implement alternative solutions. The aim of this toolkit is to support STEM (and not only STEM) content experts, MOOC instructional designers, graphic and video designers during the design and implementation phase of their producing work.

The September event will be dedicated to the presentation of the project “FOSTWOM – Fostering Women to STEM MOOCs”, that results from a consortium between Técnico Lisboa (ULisboa) and Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Conservatoire National Des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), METID Politecnico di Milano (METID), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Colégio Amor de Deus (CAD) and I.I.S Benedetto Castelli (I.I.S.Castelli).

We will introduce the FOSTWOM toolkit and give practical examples of its use in designing MOOCs. We aim to collect participants’ feedback, providing them with good practices, and inviting them to apply the toolkit checklist themselves. The toolkit will be released under a CC BY license.

Target participants are:

– MOOC managers and Educational community members

– Technical staff members from Higher Educational institutions involved in MOOCs

– Teachers from Higher Educational institutions already involved or interested in the MOOC development from a gender-balance perspective with a special focus on STEM subjects.


Registration is free, though a Creative Commons support fee is welcomed.  Registration options here.


For more information, please contact Do not forget to mention FOSTWOM in the subject.