Pre-Selection mobility programmes outside Europe

From February 2 to 17 will start the regular application period for outgoing mobility students to European and non-European destinations.

Some of our non-European mobility partners offer a very limited number of vacancies while others have very tight submission deadlines, making it complicated to manage the applications to these destinations in an efficient manner.

In order to overcome some of these issues, we will open a pre-application period, only students interested in the following destinations in first option may apply.

This call will be open from 11 to 18 January and the results published on 21 January.

Partner |Country |Places

1. York University |Canadá |1 Student /1 semestre

2. Faculty of Science and Technology – University of Macau | China | 4 students/year

3. School of Engineering Tohoku University | Japão | 2 students/year

4. College of Engineering, Seoul National University | Coreia de Sul | 2 students/year

The students with the highest grade in each course will be selected (selection process according the Mobility Regulations) and will only be validated with the presentation of a proposal of equivalencies plan.

The students who are pre-selected have to apply to the vacancy in the “Fenix System / platform”, when the regular application period opens.

If interested please fill in the following Application Form.

For additional information, please send an email to