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Projetos Erasmus+ em Destaque


Towards a University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering
European Alliances Nov/2022-Out/2028 Project Website
MathICs – Strengthening Mathematics Education by the use of ICTs in Morocco CBHE Feb/2021- Jan/2024 Project Website
Spirit – Sport and physical education as a vehicle for Inclusion and Recognition in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka CBHE Jan/2021-Jan/2024 Project Website
WP@ELAB – World Pendulum Alliance CBHE Nov/2022 Project Website
SHAKEAM learning by SHaring Knowledge in dEsign for Additive Manufacturing CP 2022-2025 Project Website (soon)
UNICATION  Unify Communication by International Projects in Cambodia and Philippines
CBHE 2023-2025 Project Website (soon)
IN Transition  Planning for urban transitions EMDM 2023-2024 Project Website (soon)
ELA4ATTRACTEmpower LA&CHE for gender equality in STEM attraction CBHE 2023-2026 Project Website (soon)

Horizon 2020

UNITE!H2020 – Planning the Future of Research & Innovation in the European University Alliance Unite! Jan/2021-Dez/2023 Project Website
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