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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to validate/apostille documents?

It is not necessary to validate/apostille documents for the online applications to Técnico Lisboa. This will only be necessary for enrollment purposes, in case of acceptance it will be necessary present the original validated or certified documents, as this is the only way they become legal in Portuguese territory. Please note that your enrollment will only be valid upon arrival and validation of your documents by Técnico Lisboa’s officers.

Can I use the ENEM score in my application?

The Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (Enem) is an annual exam that aims to assess the quality of secondary education in Brazil, and is also the main method of access to higher education institutions. Brazilian 1st cycle/Bachelor degree candidates apply with ENEM. The minimum score is 500 out of 1000. Técnico Lisboa accepts ENEM from the last 3 years.

What is the minimum grade for ENEM to be able to apply /be admitted?

The minimum grade is 500 points, being considered for all courses the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, that is, the CNAT and MAT test. The exception is the Computer Engineering Degree (LEIC) where only the MAT exam is considered.

Are there any discounts or scholarships available?

Técnico Lisboa offers the possibility, after finishing the first semester, to request a curricular evaluation and, by means of your academic success, you may be granted a reduction of up to 50% in the annual tuition. This review of the reduction will be evaluated and requested annually.

Please contact the Admissions Office for further information.

How many intakes exist?

There is only one intake per school year. Usually always in September.

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How does the school year work at Técnico Lisboa?

The school year in Portugal is divided in 2 semesters. The first semester begins in September and ends in December. The second semester starts in February and ends in June. The School calendar is available here.

What is the tuition for International Students and what options are available for payment?

The tuition for international students is 7,000 euros. The payment can be made in installments, being that 2,000 euros are paid in the pre-registration, if accepted, and correspond to the first two installments. The remaining 5,000 euros can be paid in 5 installments, 1,000 euros each, paid until the 8th of each month, the last installment being paid until the month of May. For more information consult the Tuition Regulation for 1st, 2nd and Integrated Cycles. 

What are the necessary documents to enroll in this regime since I am an international student?

In addition to the documents referring to external students, foreign students have to present a document that proves they qualify for access to higher education (ENEM for Brazilian candidates), a document that proves the conclusion of Portuguese secondary education (12th grade) or equivalent in their country of origin (high school transcript), certificate of completion, with discriminated classifications (Transcript of Records, school history of the current course), a document that Grading Scheme (specifies the scale of the academic classifications), Declaration, under commitment of honor, that the candidate does not have Portuguese nationality or that of an EU member country and meets the conditions to benefit from the status of International Student and a photocopy of the passport.

I am enrolled in the 1st cycle, Integrated Master at Técnico Lisboa, can I use this regime to change to 2nd cycle (Master)?

It is always possible to continue your studies in another area after completing the 1st cycle as long as the scientific coherence between the two courses is guaranteed. This coherence is always verified if the educational skills of the 1st cycle respect the formation needs for entrance to the 2nd cycle.

To how many courses can I apply online?

In this entry regime it is only possible to apply for one course only.

I have a technological specialization diploma, can I apply?

Yes, you can. Holders of a technological specialization diploma or holders of a professional higher education diploma, who cumulatively hold the required entry exams – need to take the national secondary school exams corresponding to the entry exams required for entry to the cycle of studies in question

What are the selection criteria for this regime?

The selection criteria consist of the similarity between the course you have and the course to which you intend to apply, the type of degree you have and the final grade of the course.

What are the selection criteria for this regime?

The selection criteria are a positive evaluation of the candidate’s professional and academic curriculum, two written tests, one to evaluate scientific capacity and the other to evaluate knowledge in interpretation and written expression, and finally an interview to evaluate the candidate’s motives.

Do I need to have valid national exams to apply?

No, it is not necessary, and one of the characteristics for the candidate to be able to apply for this regime is that he/she does not hold a higher education qualification.

What exams do I have to take to get into Técnico Lisboa through this regim

For the Architecture course (Integrated Master) it is necessary to take the Math and Geometry exam. For the other courses, it is necessary to take the Math and Physics and Chemistry exam.

What can be considered the “nature of the degree”?

The parameter “Nature” can take the values 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, and the “Ranking” of Shanghai can be used to quantify it. The value to be assigned will consider the assessment made by the course coordination regarding the specific course and the higher education institution where the 1st cycle of studies was concluded. More information about this topic here.

To apply for a Master’s Degree (2nd cycle) in Architecture, I need to have the following training of the 1st cycle in the same area?

Yes, it is a requirement that the candidate holds a 1st cycle education in the same area. More information here.

I am finishing my degree, can I still submit my application?

Yes, all national and/ or national from a member country of the European Union candidates, who are finishing a 1st cycle degree, or the 1st cycle of an integrated master’s degree, may submit their application within the deadlines and the admission, will be deemed “conditional” and pending the submission of documents by September 30th of the year of application, proving the conclusion of the said cycle.

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