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IAESTE Programme

The IAESTE –  International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience is an organization of 80 member countries in 5 continents. It was founded in 1948 at the Imperial College of London and promotes the exchange of university students between member countries with the purpose of providing them with work experience in the industry, in research institutions, or in other employers and promote international understanding and good will among the students of all nations.

Portugal added IAESTE in 1957. IAESTE Portugal is composed of National Committees, where the interests of the academic world, students, and industry are duly represented, which are responsible for the organization of the exchange programmes in the respective country.

Traineeships are organized in such a way that students can take them during their summer holidays, with a minimum duration of one month, although the recommended period is six weeks. In exceptional cases, traineeships can extend up to 12 months.

The IAESTE Exchange Programmes cover all Engineering branches, and several Exact and Natural Sciences, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, and Biology, as well as other fields such as Architecture, Agronomy, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Sciences, among many others.

For further information, contact NMCI or visit the IAESTE website.

Aims and Mission

  • To provide the opportunity for Higher Education students to gain relevant technical and professional experience in their field of study.
  • To offer employers well-qualified and motivated trainees.
  • To promote international understanding, cooperation, as well as trust among students, academic institutions, employers, and the community in general.
  • To be a source of cultural enrichment, both for the trainees and the communities in which they will be integrated.
  • To operate irrespective of origin, ethnicity, gender, culture, religious or political beliefs, special needs, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.


Two ways to apply:

Applying for all year round offers

  • Registration and Profile Creation on the IAESTE International Platform
    — Go to
    – Register, fill in all required fields, and submit your profile for validation
    – Search the internship offers that are published throughout the year by the IAESTE member countries

In each internship offer students can check the internship location, field(s) of study, description of work to be performed, internship period, minimum number of completed years of study, gross pay, (estimated) cost of living, requirements, information about accommodation, languages required and their requested level, as well as other important information or requirements. Students will have to fulfill all the requirements of the offer, including the field of study.

Direct contact with employers and/or IAESTE international committees is not allowed.
Students or graduates (maximum 1 year) from Técnico are eligible for the internship offers published all year round on the platform. However, students must check the offers for specific requirements, as in some cases, for example, the country/employer may require a minimum number of years of study, student status for the whole internship period, etc.

  • Expressing Interest
    If you are interested in applying for an internship, you should contact the NMCI by e-mail: Note:  you should contact us at least 5 working days before the nomination deadline of the chosen offer.
    Once your eligibility and the availability of the internship offer is confirmed, you will be provided with the necessary information regarding the payment of the application and deposit and the deadline for the submission of the mandatory documents to confirm the application/appointment.
    Direct contact with employers and/or IAESTE international committees is not allowed.
  • Payment of registration fee and deposit
    After showing interest, in order to proceed with an application, you must pay the registration fee and deposit (100 + 50 EUR) and send us the proof of payment. If you are eligible and the internship offer is available, we will send you information on how to make the payment. Payment must be done within 24 hours.
    Conditions of registration fee and deposit refund
    – Acceptance: at the end of the internship (after filling in the Trainee’s Report platform) the deposit (50 EUR) will be refunded.
    – Non-acceptance: if your application is rejected (or canceled) by the employer, you can ask for a refund of the 150 EUR or apply for another internship offer that is available in your field of studies.
    – Withdrawal: In case of withdrawal, the registration fee + deposit will not be refunded.
  • Submission of application documents
    After payment confirmation, you will be assigned the internship offer on the platform. You will only be able to submit the application documents within the deadline indicated by the NMCI from this moment on.
    Mandatory documents (all in English)
    – Student Nomination Form (document generated in the platform when submitting the documentation. It must be signed by the student)
    – Motivation Letter
    – CV
    – Certificate of the course(s) with grades and ECTS credits and description about the assessment system – in case of doubt contact NMCI (
    – Certificate of enrollment (if student status is required in the internship offer) – in case of doubt contact NMCI (
    – English Language Certificate
    – Passport (or Citizen Card – for EU/Schengen countries only)
    – Reference letter(s) (strongly recommended)
    – Photograph
    – Portfolio (mandatory for Architecture offers)
    – Other documents/certificates (if the candidate considers relevant or if additional documents are required in the internship offer)

As Técnico is an IAESTE Portugal Local Committee, its students have access to exclusive internship offers.

  • Only students from the Master’s/2nd cycle onwards are eligible for these offers.
  • Sometime after the beginning of the academic year, students will be informed about the deadlines and how to proceed with the pre-registration (by filling in an online form, to be made available in due time).
  • Pre-registration is compulsory for all students who wish to consult the offers available in their area of study (usually during the month of February)..
  • At this stage, interested students can make a list of priorities (in case there is more than one internship offer in their field of study).
  • Students will be selected according to their 1st and 2nd cycle average.
  • The students selected for each of the internship offers will proceed with an application. To do so, they must pay the registration fee and deposit and submit the proof of payment within 24 hours. After the payment, they will have to submit the mandatory documents to apply (see step nº 3 – Payment of registration and deposit and nº 4 – Upload the application documents indicated above).

After Acceptance…

  • After receiving confirmation from the NMCI that you have been accepted by the employer, you will receive the official acceptance documents.
  • From this moment on you can directly contact the employer and/or the IAESTE committee of the respective country through the contacts provided. Questions about logistical/bureaucratic issues, including questions about arrival, stay, accommodation in the country, should always be directed to IAESTE (of the home or destination country).
  • Students should only make flight reservations, and start visa-related processes (if applicable), etc. after receiving all official documentation from IAESTE (acceptance documents).
  • Reception of the official acceptance documents.
  • Confirmation on the platform that you accept to do the internship under the proposed conditions (confirmation of acceptance).
  • Submission on the platform of arrival details and other mandatory information (completion of Arrival Note): Final information on arrival in the country (flight number, time, and date of arrival).
  • Insurance number + proof of travel/accident/health insurance (mandatory for internships outside Europe). For internships within the European Union, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is sufficient.
  • Filling out and delivering/sending the Term of Responsibility to the NMCI.
  • If the accommodation reservation is the responsibility of IAESTE or employer (check in the internship offer), IAESTE of the respective country will send you the details and instructions about the process, as well as other information about the arrival and stay in the country.

After the mobility…

  • Completing the Trainee’s Report on the IAESTE platform (
  • After completing and delivering the Trainee’s Report, the deposit (50 EUR) is returned and the IAESTE Certificate of traineeship completion is issued.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Can I apply for an IAESTE internship offer?
For the offers published all year round on the IAESTE platform (, students (in Degree awarding programmes) from Instituto Superior Técnico are eligible to apply for internship offers under the IAESTE programme.
However, you should always confirm the requirements requested in the respective internship offer and check if you meet all the requirements indicated.
For offers exclusive for IST students, only students who are attending a Master’s or Ph.D. program are eligible to pre-register

I am an Erasmus student at Instituto Superior Técnico. Can I apply through IAESTE Portugal?
Mobility students (non-degree awarded at IST) will have to contact the IAESTE of the country where their home university is located.
More information at:
I registered on the IAESTE platform and saw an internship offer that I want to apply for. What should I do?
Contact the Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NMCI) by e-mail: and indicate the reference of the offer and your student number

I have applied directly on the IAESTE platform for an internship offer, what do I need to submit?
If your profile has already been validated, you can show interest in an offer on the platform. To do so, you can click on “apply” to one of the offers listed. However, this is only a demonstration of interest and not a final application. If you do, please contact us (, so that we can check if you are eligible and if the offer is still available.

Are IAESTE internships paid?
Yes, according to the IAESTE rule, all internships must be paid. The payment must be in accordance with the costs of living in the country in question so that the intern can cover basic living expenses. The payment amount is indicated in the internship offer.
In the case of remote internships, some may be unpaid. This information will be indicated in the internship offer.

Does registering on the platform or pre-registration imply any kind of cost?
No. The payment of the registration and deposit will only have to be made if we confirm that you can proceed with an application. Only after payment confirmation, you will be able to proceed with the application/nomination and only then the application will be forwarded to IAESTE of the country in question.

Do I need to submit any documents to pre-register?
No. Just fill in all the fields requested in the form.

I have filled out the pre-application form. When will I get more information about internships/applications?
The pre-registration period usually occurs sometime after the beginning of the school year. Pre-registration gives access to exclusive internship offers to be made available during the month of February. At that time, you can check out the internship offers that are available in your field of study and make your list of priorities.

Do I have to make any kind of payment to proceed with an application?
Yes. After showing interest in an internship offer (through the IAESTE platform or by email), we will check if you are eligible and if the offer is still available. If we confirm this, we will send you the payment details. You can only submit your application, which will then be forwarded to IAESTE from the country in question after you send us the proof of payment

How many internships offers can I apply for at the same time?
You can apply for one internship offer at a time.

I have already done an IAESTE internship. Can I do another internship under the IAESTE program?
Yes, as long as you are a student or alumno (maximum 1 year after completing your course) you are eligible. However, you should check if you meet all the requirements indicated in the internship offer.

I don’t have an English Certificate. What should I do? Is it really mandatory to present this document?
The English certificate is always mandatory (except for applications to Brazil). The document must to be submitted together with the other documents required for the nomination

What do the abbreviations COBE, FCFS, and AC that are indicated in the internship list on the platform mean?
These abbreviations indicate the type of internship offer and its selection process:
COBE (Continuous Online Based Exchange) – the employer may receive more than one application and will select only one.
FCFS (First Come First Served): the employer receives only one application/nomination from around the world.
AC (Annual Conference) – exclusive offers for IST students (pre-registration is required, as for any offer that indicates Pre-AC). The employer only receives one application.
Each internship reference is equivalent to one position. For each reference, only one application may be sent by IAESTE Portugal, regardless of the type of offer.

If I am not accepted for an internship am I refunded the registration + deposit?
If you are not accepted for the internship (or if the internship is canceled by the employer), you can request a refund of the amount initially paid or apply for another internship offer that is available and for which you are eligible.
If the student withdraws/cancels, the amount paid for the registration and deposit is not refundable.

When I apply for an internship offer, will I be competing with other applicants?

It depends on the type of internship offer. In offers classified as COBE, the employer may receive more than one application (from other countries) and will select only one. In FCFS, the employer only receives one application/nomination from all over the world.AC offers are exclusive for IST students and for these you must have pre-registered, as well as for any offer that indicates Pre-AC.  In these last two cases, the employer only receives one application.
Each internship reference corresponds to one position. For each reference, IAESTE Portugal is only allowed to send one application, regardless of the type of offer. However, in COBE offers, there may be candidates from other countries

Who is responsible for the cost of travel, accommodation, etc.?
Unless otherwise stated, the student is responsible for any costs associated with travel, visas, lodging, etc. The payment amount is indicated in the internship offer, as well as the estimated cost of living

Who takes care of the accommodation?
This information is stated in the internship offer. If it is the local IAESTE/employer, you will receive more information regarding accommodation if you are accepted for the internship.
If it is indicated that the student is responsible for accommodation, it will be the student’s responsibility to find and book accommodation in the destination country. In some cases, the local IAESTE may give some information or tips to ease the process

I want to be an IAESTE Portugal volunteer. How can I participate?
Please contact us (
Volunteers have some advantages and can give support in several areas, such as, for example, accompanying a foreign intern since his/her arrival in Portugal (“buddy”), organizing actions to promote IAESTE Portugal at your college, supporting the organization of a social event for foreign interns who are in the country, creating posts for us to publish in the social networks, etc.
More frequently asked questions at:


Joana | Internship in Macau |  Field: Chemical Eng.
IAESTE gave me the opportunity to open horizons in my academic life and to work with professionals that helped me to develop my professional skills. More than a work experience, it was also a social experience and a social skills development experience. For this, I thank all the IAESTE interns who shared this wonderful adventure with me.
Rita | Internship in  Palestine | Field: Civil Eng.
Through IAESTE I not only had the opportunity to receive technical learning in the practice of civil engineering in a foreign country (Palestine) but I was also offered the possibility to visit a unique and authentic country culturally and aesthetically. In the internship, I learned a lot and was provided with all the tools and opportunities to get me started in the day-to-day life of a civil engineer: its challenges and tasks. In cultural terms, this also proved to be an extremely enriching experience. I had the opportunity to meet fantastic people and places and was always welcomed with a smile and an Arabic coffee in hand!!!
Mariama | Internship in the United Kingdom | Field: Biology
My decision to apply for an IAESTE internship was made at the last minute, but I am very happy that I decided this way. I had the opportunity to work in a small research group in Cardiff, in the field of Biology and I believe that I have never learned so much as in those 8 weeks I was there! (…) I also had the pleasure of meeting other trainees from different countries, cultures, and traditions and sharing wonderful moments with them. This was an experience that allowed me to grow professionally and also as a person. I thank the whole IAESTE team for this incredible experience
José | Internship in  Tunisia | Field: Informatics and Computer Eng
(…) In the internship, the tasks were simple. From making changes to the website and trying to increase the visibility of the company, creating and boosting a Facebook and LinkedIn account as well. The pace of work there is slow and not exactly the most efficient, but things get done. I worked only in the morning, having all afternoons free, allowing me to explore a bit of Tunis every day. Going to the Medina, Habib Bourguiba Avenue and so many other places. Also during my stay there, IAESTE Tunisia organized a 5-day trip to the desert with all the interns and the volunteers. It allowed me to get to know other places, new foods, new environments, new customs, and to make great friendships. Some habits and dogmas are still very deeply rooted in the population, especially when it comes to religion. However, I never saw any case of extremism and tolerance and, friendliness reign (…)

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