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Mobility and International Cooperation Office


The mission of the Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NMCI) is to coordinate and promote the different mobility programmes, identify the establishment of new international partnerships, support the incoming and outgoing students and coordinate foreign visits from teaching and staff training under the different mobility programmes.


Our tasks
  • Coordinate mobility programmes;
  • Identify and promote the establishment of new international partnerships in the framework of mobility;
  • Disseminate and promote the mobility programmes;
  • Support with administrative and academic procedures for incoming and outgoing students;
  • Assist foreign students with visas, contracts and scholarships;
  • Provide housing services for international students and researchers;
  • Organize actions that facilitate the reception and integration of the students of mobility and promote the mobility of the students of Técnico Lisboa (welcome session, Iday, etc.);
  • Host and coordinate international visits from academic and non-academic staff under the different mobility programmes, including prospective institutions;
  • Organise and participate in national and international events hat promote mobility or exchange programmes.


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