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The SMILE programme is a pilot programme launched by the Magalhães Network and allows the exchange of students between Europe and the Latin American and Caribbean countries, with academic recognition between Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Under the SMILE programme, you may carry out a period of studies of one semester or an academic year.

Universities involved in the programme (and study areas)

Country University Study area
Argentina Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires Engineering
Brazil Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Architecture, Engineering
Brazil Universidade de São Paulo Architecture, Engineering
Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Architecture, Engineering
Chile Universidade Técnica Federico Santa Maria Architecture, Engineering
Colombia Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Engineering
Colombia Universidad de los Andes Architecture, Engineering
Mexico Instituto Politécnico Nacional Architecture, Engineering
Panamá Universidade Tecnológica de Panamá Architecture, Engineering
Venezuela Universidade Simón Bolívar Architecture, Engineering
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