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Mobility Open Day


The internationalisation of Técnico Lisboa is not only a priority but also a growing reality in all its dynamics. The growing willingness of the institution’s community to add an international content to their path, whether academic or professional, has resulted in an increase in the number of interested parties in the various existing opportunities.

In this sense, Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NMCI) created the Mobility Open Day (MOD), an event aimed at the entire Técnico Lisboa community with the purpose of raising awareness of all the international mobility programmes that the NMCI implements. This event takes place over two days: one day at Taguspark Campus, the other at Alameda Campus.

The MOD is based on an open day of the Office’s services, with the entire team at various stands presenting the mobility programmes with which it works, clarifying the community and promoting its participation. On the other hand, there are simultaneous Mobility Talks, in which NMCI invites members of the community who have already experienced various international mobility programmes, allowing direct contact between themselves and interested students/staff.



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