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Training Mobility (STT)


Personnel mobility activities for training take place between higher education institutions or other organizations from a country participating in the Program.

Training missions will normally last for a week, but they can last a minimum of 2 days (excluding travel days) or extend up to 2 months.



– Allow the expansion of knowledge or expertise based on experiences and good practices in similar European institutions / services;

– Allow the development of practical skills relevant to the performance of their duties and for their professional development;

– Help build cooperation between higher education institutions and companies;


Eligible Candidates:

The project is for technicians and administrators with an employment contract with the University of Lisbon, regardless of the duration.

Please note that, due to the type of contract, Scholarship holders are not eligible to participate in this action.


Eligible countries:

European Union (EU) Member States

Program countries outside the EU

  • Republic of Macedonia
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Turkey
  • Liechtenstein


Eligible host institutions:

A higher education institution (HEI) in an eligible country or any organization, public or private in an eligible country, active in the labor market or in the fields of education, training and youth.




The value of the scholarships is calculated individually, according to the Scholarship Table

The value of the scholarship is calculated as follows:

  • The daily amount for the respective country of destination multiplied by the number of training days. Up to 2 days of travel can be added if the trip takes place on the days immediately before and after the training days. Weekend days cannot be counted for granting scholarships, except those that consist of travel days.
  • The value of the travel band, calculated according to the distance from Lisbon to the destination city, based on the European Commission’s distance calculator.
  • The maximum value of each scholarship is € 910.00. This value includes support for the cost of the trip and the subsistence value, and there is no provision for reimbursement of any other costs.


Application Form and Deadline:

Applications must include:

  • Ficha_PESSOAL_IST filled in and with the cost estimate based on Erasmus;
  • The Mobility Agreement  (if it is not signed by the host institution, an email confirming acceptance must be provided by the candidate);
  • A short description of the objectives of the mission and the expected benefits for the service / institution of origin;
  • Mobility must be approved by the candidate’s coordinator, by signing the mobility agreement;
  • Declaration of approval by the Directorate of the School / SAS / Stadium / Museums / Central Services.

Applications, approved by the School Board, must be sent by the IST Center for Mobility and International Cooperation to the Rector’s Center for Mobility.

The application period is established annually by ULisboa Rectory

Selection process:

The Rectorate will consider the distribution of the scholarships available by the Schools, the SAS and the Central Services, taking into account all the proposals presented.

The set of proposals received will be submitted to the appreciation of Ms. Administrator and Mr. Vice-Rector with responsibility for the Erasmus + Program, who will select them according to the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of the proposal to the service / institution;
  2. Priority for candidates who have not yet participated in the Erasmus + Program, a mobility action for training;
  3. Balance between the number of proposals from each School, from the SAS and from the Central Services.

For the scholarship to be paid, it will be necessary to hand in the Work Program with the signature of the host institution to allow the Erasmus + Contract to be issued by the Mobility Center. Payment of the scholarship is made after signing the Erasmus + contract

At the end of the mobility period, participants must deliver the declaration of stay with confirmation of the mobility dates, as well as a copy of the purchase receipt for the trip. Participants will also be required to submit the Final Erasmus Report (online), received via email.

Any change in the duration of the mobility / host institution, in relation to the period that was initially contracted, may affect the value of the scholarship.

Participants with Special Needs may apply for an additional Erasmus grant to cover additional costs directly related to their participation in mobility activities:

Participants are responsible for taking the necessary steps with the respective Human Resources services to justify the period of absence.


Supporting Documents:

Erasmus Regulation

Table of Scholarships

Distance calculator


Additional information:

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