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Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

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NMCI informs that an additional period of applications for Staff Training (STT) grants under the Erasmus+ program was open from June 10 to July 5, 2024.

These mobilities must be carried out between September 02, 2024 to February 28, 2025.


Erasmus + program allows the Teaching and Administrative Staff to carry out training activities between higher education institutions, companies, or other organizations, to acquire knowledge, and exchange experiences and good practices, in one of the eligible countries of the program.


  • Acquire specialized knowledge through experiences and best practices abroad, as well as practical skills which may be relevant to their duties and professional development;
  •  Help build cooperation between higher education institutions and companies;
  • The mobility period at a partner company, organization or institution, may be designated as short term posting, a work visit, a workshop, among others;


This action is aimed at the staff members (STT) with a work contract with Instituto Superior Técnico, regardless of duration, who intend to participate in training, exchange experience, or best practices in a country eligible for the program.

Research grant holders are not eligible to participate in this action due to the type of contract established.

Eligible host institutions: a higher education institution (HEI) from an eligible country or any public or private organization from an eligible country active in the labor market or in the fields of education, training, and youth.

Eligible Countries:

European Union (EU) Member States





Czech Republic
























Program Countries outside the EU


North Macedonia





Program Countries  Region 5 and 14

Vatican City State


San Marino


Faroe Islands

United Kingdom


List of partner institutions (xlxs, 20KB) with IIA established.


Staff training mobility have a minimum duration of 2 days and a maximum duration of 2 months (60 days), excluding travel days. Average duration of the staff training mobility is one week (5 days), excluding travel days.


The application must present:

  • Personal Staff Form (PDF, 1MB) – Filled in, signed and accompanied with the all documents listed on the last page of the form itself;
  • Mobility Agreement for Training (WORD, 38KB). Filled in and signed by the candidate and hosting institution.
    In case it not signed by the host institution, an acceptance letters, or acceptance email proof, must be provided.
  • A short Description of the Objectives of the mobility and the expected benefits for the home service/institution (Técnico Lisboa);
  • Declaration of Approval by the Department management or hierarchical coordinator

Personal Staff Form, must be signed by the participant.
Mobility Agreement – Staff Mobility for Training must be signed by the participant and the Host Institution.

Nota: Note: The signatures of the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator (Personal Staff Form) and the Responsible for the sending institution/enterprise (Mobility Agreement – Staff Mobility for Trainig) will be collected by the NMCI team after the submission of the application


The application is formalized by filling in the following online form and submitting all requested documents by the established deadline.

Submission of all requested documents is mandatory for the admission of the application.

Activation of the Mobile Digital Key (CMD) is mandatory for signing the Erasmus contract digitally, subsequently.

Selection Procedure:

After the first validation of the applications by the NMCI, the Rectorate of ULisboa will consider the distribution of the available grants among the Schools and Central Services, considering all the proposals submitted.

All the received proposals will be taken into consideration by the Administrator and the Vice-Rector in charge of the Erasmus+ Program, who will select them according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the proposal to the service (in the case of Central Services) / School of ULisboa;
  • Priority to candidates who have not yet participated in the Erasmus+ Program, training mobility action;
  • Balance between the number of proposals from each School and Central Services.

NMCI announces the final result of the application before the mobilities execution periods. After the results are announced, the grant support is guarantee for the participant.

Erasmus+ Grant Support

Erasmus grant is calculated based on a “per diem” individual support amount and a travel band amount.

Those values are from the annually approved grant table (PDF, 203KB).

The table presented is valid for the current academic year 2022/2023.

Note: If your application is approved, to carry out your mobility, it will be necessary to create an IST mission process. This mission cannot have any associated costs (transportation, per diem, accommodation or other expenses).

The reference grant amount is 1.165,00 € (maximum 5 days funding). This amount includes support for travel costs, and subsistence. No other costs are refunded.

Erasmus+ Grant support payment

  • The payment of the grants is after the signature of the Erasmus+ Staff Contract. In some cases, the payment may be made during or after the mobility period;
  • Changes to the mobility period may imply adjustments in the grant amount and an addendum to the Erasmus+ Staff Contract. It requires the submission of a new Mobility Agreement, duly updated and signed with the new dates.

Procedure post-mobility

  • Declaration of Stay (PDF, 884KB) duly signed and stamped by the hosting institution at the last day of the mobility with first and final date.
  • Document must be submitted no longer than 15 days after the return from the mobility.
  • Travel evidence (boarding pass for departure and return);
  • Submission of the Erasmus+ Participant Survey. It will be sent to you via email .

The declaration of stay and traveling evidence documents should be submitted by filling out the following form.

If you do not present all the requested documents, you will have to repay the full grant support received.


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