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International Ambassadors

The Mobility and International Cooperation Office implements and manages the International Ambassadors programme at Técnico Lisboa, intending to create a network of International Ambassadors who will collaborate in disseminating and promoting our institution with our partners, during and after their mobility period.

International Ambassador Mission

  • Represent Técnico Lisboa during and after the mobility period;
  • Advise potential international students about our programmes;
  • Lead and facilitate activities to disseminate this School abroad;
  • Talk about Portuguese culture and share what it’s like to study at Técnico and in Lisbon;
  • Clarify doubts about the Técnico.


The International Ambassadors programme aims to promote Técnico in the institutions where students do their mobility or where they come from. This programme is for 3 types of students:

  • the ones that will go on their mobility (outgoing students)
  • the ones that have already returned from their mobility (former outgoing students)
  • the ones that are here in their mobility and will return to their home institutions (incoming students)

This disclosure can be done through socializing with colleagues, your social networks, fairs or other events in these institutions.

Who are the International Ambassadors?

These ambassadors may be national students who will represent Técnico during and after their mobility or, on the other hand, foreign students who are undergoing a mobility period at Técnico, and who show interest in becoming our International Ambassadors, also acting as Técnico’s privileged interlocutors and promoters.


Applications are announced via email to students through the Fénix system (, on the AAI news webpage and the Técnico Lisboa International Instagram.

Applications are submitted to NMCI via Google Forms:

  • November for mobility in the 2nd semester (13th to 24th of November)
  • June for mobility in the 1st semester (3rd to 7th of June)


  • November for mobility in the 2nd semester (25th to 30th of November)
  • June for mobility in the 1st semester (11th to 14th of June)

Selection criteria:

  • Number of ambassadors distributed according to coincident origin/host schools
  • 20 ambassadors annually divided into 2 application periods
  • Interview: “What is Técnico for you”?


  • December for mobility in the 2nd semester (4th to 7th of December)
  • June for mobility in the 1st semester (21st of June – International Day)
  • Ambassadors carry an “ambassador pack” with them to help spread the word

Activities to be developed by the student

  • Frequent photos, small videos and “reels” on the student’s social networks, with the divulgation of Técnico while they are on mobility, tagging Técnico Lisboa International Instagram;
  • If possible, joint presentation of students outgoing+incoming at the destination/host school;
  • Leave contact details with potential students interested in coming to study at Técnico, so that we can make a connection with how many students went through that International Ambassador;
  • If the International Ambassador makes a presentation or participates in a fair, you must email the information, photos and videos of the event.

For more information, please contact:

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