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Highly Qualified

Foreign Nationals intending to carry our Research, Teach at an Institution of Higher Education, or perform a Highly Qualified Activity

  • Artº 57º, Law 23/2007, 4th July
  • Artº 10º, 11º, 12º and 21º of the “Decreto Regulamentar” nº 84/2007, 5th November

Temporary Stay or Residance Visa

  • A Temporary Stay Visa – if the period activity is less than one year: this visa allows an initial stay of three months, extended for up to one year, allowing multiples entries in Portugal.
  • A Residence Visa – if the applicant intends to apply for a residence permit in Portugal: this visa allows a stay of four months, with two entries in Portugal.

General Documents

  • Application in a standard form submitted to the Portuguese Consulate of the residence area ;
  • two passport-sized photographs, recent and allowing a proper identification of the applicant;
  • valid travel document;
  • certificate of the criminal record issued by the country of origin;
  • requirement for access to the Portuguese criminal record;
  • proof of lodging conditions in Portugal;
  • proof of availability of means of subsistence in Portugal;
  • medical certificate or travel medical insurance.

Specific documents

Proof that the applicant was accepted to collaborate as a researcher in a Research Unit recognized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, namely:

  • Work contract, or
  • Proposal of the work contract; or
  • Scientific research grant.

To the Teaching Activity at a Higher Education Institution or to a Highly Qualified Activity:

  • Work contract, or
  • Proposal of the work contract.

Deadline for decision: 30 dias

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