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Class timetables

Setting up your schedule

While you have been pre-enrolled in all the courses that you are expected to attend during the upcoming semester, you have not been assigned to specific classes. The class assignment will take place concurrently, for all students, on the Fenix system (on a date to be announced to all students by email ). Since the number of available seats in each class is limited, you are encouraged to plan your schedule in advance and enroll in the classes that are the best match for your schedule. If you are unable to get a seat in your preferred class, you should choose from the available options, the one that better suits you. In the unlikely but not impossible event that there are no seats available that suit your schedule (this may sometimes happen in particular courses), do not panic as you will be subsequently assigned to a class, either during the Welcome Week or during the first week of classes. However, this class may not be your preferred option, so we urge you to make your choices as soon as possible.

You can find detailed instructions regarding the class enrollment process on the following website:

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