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January – International Mobility Applications

Applications are Closed!

Information regarding the application period that will open in January 2023 will soon be available on this page.

Applications for international mobility for the 1st semester and the whole of the academic year 2022/2023 are closed.

In 2022, the applications ended on the 10th of February and were intended for students already enrolled in the 2nd Cycle (Master’s) who wish to carry out their mobility for Studies in the first semester or in the entire academic year of 2022/2023.

For students of the Integrated Master Programme of Architecture, it is important to remember that at this stage of applications to take place in January 2022, only 4th year students can apply to carry out their mobility during the 1st semester of the next academic year or for the entirety of the following academic year if you intend to do at least 30 ECTS without considering the credits associated with the thesis.

Clarification note for students in transitional status (continuity regime) enrolled in 2nd cycle courses:

Taking into account:
– that continuity students may be enrolled in 2nd Cycle Curricular Units (CUs), but still attending 1st Cycle CUs;
– that these students, for this reason, in Fénix, are still associated to 1st Cycle
– that the NMCI has been consulted by students in these circumstances who intend to apply for study mobility in the current application period;

We will clarify that, after superior appreciation and decision, these students may effectively present their application for mobility in this January period, knowing that the CUs recognized in their mobility period will be exclusively 2nd Cycle and a minimum of 30 ECTS (cf. article 10 of the IST International Mobility Programmes Regulation). This transitional situation applies only to students who are in the continuity regime.

Important Documents

Important Considerations (January/2022)

Before applying, it is important to read the Important Documents above and confirm eligibility criteria for this application period:

  • Students enrolled in the 2nd cycle of studies (Master’s);
  • Minimum average of 12,5, which considers the completed courses until the end of the application period.

The selection process for carrying out the mobility will be based on the following criteria:

  • Average at the end of the application period;
  • Higher number of ECTS credits and curricular units already completed.

The responsibility for drawing up the study plan according to the host university’s offer (with at least 30 ECTS in Inside Europe mobilities) lies with the student; It is also his/her responsibility to carry out some research on the website of the host university regarding the available courses, the language in which they are taught, the eventual need for a specific language certificate and the accommodation offer of the university in question.

Only one application per student will be considered. This application, however, may have several options chosen by the student in order of preference, with the student being able to select up to ten (10) schools in order of priority (maximum).

The data collected within the scope of the application to an international study mobility program will be processed exclusively for this purpose.

Existing vacancies are limited to the offer available at the moment, with no possibility of opening additional vacancies.

Application Step-by-Step

Application Guide (Step-by-step)

Where to apply (after reading the guide)

Application Periods

1st Cycle (Bachelor’s Degree)

2nd Cycle (Master’s Degree)

Important Information for 1st Cycle Students (Bachelor’s)

NMCI is currently negotiating with its international partners to extend its current agreements to other study cycles, seeking to offer mobility options to undergraduate and doctoral students. Therefore, when this becomes possible, the information will be available on this page.

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