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Incoming Students – Applications

Incoming Students: 1st Semester 2022/2023

Applications Are Open Until June 24th!

Application Submission Process

Application Process Guide (Connect Platform and Official Admission at Técnico) – Here!
Direct Access to Connect Platform – Here!

Important Information:

  • Applicants must choose the majority of the courses/subjects (>50%), not ECTS credits, in the selected Degree at Técnico or your application will be Rejected
  • Applicants cannot change their Degree after the Onboarding deadline (Phase 2)
  • We recommend 30 ECTS per semester, but you can select a maximum of 36 ECTS
  • Only Architecture students can choose Architecture classes and only from the 4th and 5th year

Documents required for your application:

  • Passport (Outside Europe) or European ID
  • ID photo for Fénix profile
  • Official Transcript of Records
  • English Certificate Level B2 (any Official Language Certificate, Official Declaration from Home University or digital certificates from EFSET/Duolingo are also accepted)

Learning Agreement:

  • For the ERASMUS Programme: you can use your university template or this one.
  • For the Outside Europe Programme: you will receive it by email after ID Validation approval (Phase 1)

Tutorial Video [How to Create an Account and Login]

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