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The ATHENS programme is aimed at carrying out intensive specialization courses in the network universities

The courses take place twice a year, in March and November. Applications should be submitted at the ATHENS application webpage and on a form created by NMCI for this purpose.

The costs are of four types:

Travelling costs

Housing costs


Social and cultural “European Dimension” activities

No charge is made to students to follow a course. Travel, living, meals and European Dimension activities costs are, however, the responsibility of the participating.

Network Universities:

  • Agroparistech, France
  • Arts Et Métiers Paristech, France
  • Chimie Paristech, France
  • Ecole Des Ponts Paristech, France
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Techniques Avancées, France
  • Ecole Supérieure De Physique Et De Chimie Industrielles De Paris, France
  • Institut D’optique Graduate School, France
  • Mines Paristech, France
  • Telecom Paristech, France
  • Technical University Of Wien, Austria
  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
  • Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
  • Technical University Of Munich, Germany
  • Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Budapest University Of Technology And Economics, Hungary
  • Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
  • Delft University Of Technology, Netherlands
  • Trondheim Norwegian University Of Science And Technology, Norway
  • Warsaw University Of Technology, Poland
  • Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
  • University Politechnica Of Bucarest, Romenia
  • Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, Spain
  • Istanbul Technical University, Turkey



The ATHENS week permits participants from different institutions to take short courses of a high scientific level and to mix with students of different nationalities and backgrounds. About 60 courses are offered at each ATHENS Session and cover a wide range of thematic, from engineering to social sciences. The objective is to give students a brief immersion in another European education system.

Cultural Activities

“European dimension” activities are organized to complement the course a student follows. The purpose is to permit ATHENS students to better know the course organizing institution, as well as the European city where the course is held. Of special importance is the possibility to mix with students of different nationalities and backgrounds during these activities.

Cultural activities are an integral part of an ATHENS Session; participation is thus mandatory.


Travel costs, by bus, train or flights from one institution to another vary tremendously.


Some institutions organizing courses will make the necessary housing arrangements for participating students who desire lodging during a Session (please complete the questions concerning this item on the ATHENS application form). Housing and living costs will be kept to a minimum. As a result, students requesting such local housing, must expect to find very “simple” forms of lodging. Once reservations have been made for students in local housing, these reservations cannot be changed except for major reasons.

Other institutions give students a list of possible lodgings and the reservations are the students’ responsibility.

Once you are accepted to a course, follow the institution’s instructions on housing.


Tel: + 351 218 417 554

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