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Erasmus+ Programme

The Erasmus+ Program is the most important student exchange program in the European Union, and since its launch, more than one million students have enjoyed the experience of studying in another country. This Program involves thousands of higher education institutions from the most different countries, most of which are European.

It is a program that, despite seeing a large part of its action in the dimension of higher education, extends to social and cultural aspects that provide a space for openness, tolerance and intercultural dialogue between young Europeans.


The program allows for mobility of a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months at a partner University.

Apply as an Erasmus student

For a student to come to Técnico Lisboa during an academic year or a semester, he/she must first be nominated by their home university. Students should therefore contact their school’s office responsible for ERASMUS to find out what they have to do to be nominated. The student’s nomination can only be accepted if there is a bilateral agreement previously established between the two institutions.

The student’s home university must send an email to the Erasmus Team (  to receive the link to make the nominations for the students who have been selected to come to Técnico Lisboa.

After the nomination, and closer to the opening date for applications, students will receive an email from the Erasmus team with the procedures and the link to apply.

Deadline for nomination

1st semester – May 14th

2nd semester – October 14th

Deadlines for applications:

For the 1st semester – 15 May to 15 June

For the 2nd semester – 15 October to 15 November

It is very important that the application is done within the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted!

No student should come to Técnico Lisboa without being accepted (this means no student can come without having the Learning Agreement signed by the IST Coordinator of his degree and having received an e-mail saying you are accepted).

We will not be responsible for receiving/finding solutions for the students if they come without being formally accepted.


At Técnico Lisboa the language of instruction is as follows:

Degree (1st cycle) classes are in Portuguese

Masters (2nd cycle) classes are in English

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