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ICM – Staff Teaching Mobility (STA)


Erasmus+ Programme, regarding the International Credit Mobility (ICM), offers opportunities for INcoming and OUTgoing mobility for students, teachers and staff in higher education institutions (HEIs) outside Europe.


  • Provide teachers an opportunity for personal and professional enhancement.
  • Strength the relationships and cooperation between Higher Education Institutions of different countries outside of Europe with Técnico Lisbon.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and educational experiences between institutions.
  • Promote an international and global education system.


The mobility for teaching assignments is carried out between higher education institutions with interinstitutional Agreements under the ICM programme valid for the year of the mobility.

Staff Teaching to participate in ICM mobility must be admitted to its a home institution, which will communicate the admission of the candidate to Técnico Lisbon.

Procedure & Forms

Once the partner university indicates the selected teaching candidate to care out the mobility, NMCI will contact the candidate with new details to continue the process.


After the NMCI contact with the new specifications, the teacher should present the following documents:

The teaching form must be signed by the participant and the Erasmus+ Institutional coordinator. The signature of the Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator will be collected afterward by the NMCI team.

Invitation Letter (Word,39KB), in case you need it for your VISA application, please, you must fill in all the yellow and highlighted spaces with all relevant information and send it to us by email to sign.

All documents are mandatory and must be submitted in order to proceed with the mobility.

The submission of all documents is by filling in the following form.

Suggestion for Hotels (PDF, 1MB).

After Mobility

The Staff Teaching must fill in the Erasmus+ report that is sent before the end of the end mobility period.

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