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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been checking the PDF lists with the universities available for each course and I noticed that they do not match those in the online application.

These agreements in the pdf lists are aimed basically at giving a general idea of the different Universities that participate in the ERASMUS programme and they do not contain all Universities. To check the correct information on the agreements, please see the online application where these agreements are updated until the beginning of March.

Am I only allowed to apply to the Universities included in the online application for my course?

Yes. If you want to go to a University that is not included in your course, you should first talk with the respective ERASMUS Coordinator. So that the opening process of a new agreement takes effect, the ERASMUS Coordinator should send a letter or an email to NMCI and express that interest.

How do I know if I have been selected?

In mid March, the results are available at our website; otherwise you can go personally to NMCI to confirm.

Why do I not receive my scholarship?

Only some applicants receive their scholarship, which are awarded according to grade selection, which is made by the respective ERASMUS coordinator.

When do I receive my scholarship?

The scholarship will be transferred the bank account number given when you filled out the Rectory documentation. Scholarships are awarded 2 weeks after the signature of the ERASMUS contract at the Rectory.

What is a Representative?

The representative is someone (friend or relative) who will be responsible for dealing with any subject related with IST and who can go to the Rectory of the UTL (to sign the ERASMUS contract), after being contacted by NMCI.

The Health Declaration states that I am a scholarship holder. Am I, after all, entitled to a scholarship?

Being a scholarship holder means that you have been selected to participate in mobility and benefit from the ERASMUS statute (being free from paying tuition fees to the host university), which means that you can be a “Zero scholarship student!”.

What does my International Health Card cover?

This card only covers assistance in the public hospitals in an EU country.

What is the study plan and what is it for?

The study plan is a document to be delivered at the NMCI before your departure, which includes the subjects that you would have to complete at home and the subjects that you have to complete abroad. It works as an equivalence plan and allows you to enrol at IST while you are under the ERASMUS Programme.

How many ECTS credits do I have to complete?

One academic year corresponds to a 60 ECTS credits and one semester to 30 ECTS credits.

I want to change the initial study plan. How should I proceed?

Any change to the initial study plan should be notified to the ERASMUS Coordinator of the host institution (by email) and the Coordinator’s answer should be sent with acknowledge of receipt to NMCI.

Is it necessary to enrol on the subjects included in the study plan?

Yes, within the legally established deadlines for the purpose. If a student cannot do so, he/she should ask his/her Representative.

Who does define the course’s equivalences?

They are defined by the Erasmus coordinator of your course.

Until when do I have to deliver my scores?

The final scores (study plan + original of the certificate of the host University with the scores) should be delivered by the end of December at the most.

How do I know that the final scores were released?

The final ERASMUS scores will appear in the FENIX system. Please contact the Register’s Office (Mrs. Alexandra Almeida, who is responsible for releasing the scores of the ERASMUS students).

Which documents should I deliver at NMCI in the end of the ERASMUS period?

You should bring a stay declaration giving proof of the dates set out in the contract handed out at the Rectory and the student report that is delivered together with the Rectory contract.

Can I extend my study period?

Yes, as long as the home coordinator agrees with the extension of the period. Only students who go for one semester are allowed to ask for an extension.

Who handles accommodation?

Accommodation is handled by the student, according to the information given by the Host University.

Until when can I give up?

Ideally, you should give up before filling out the forms to be sent to the Rectory and no later than December, when, in case you have been awarded a scholarship, it can be given to another student.

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