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Staff Mobility – Teaching and Training

Erasmus+ is the European program in the field of education, training, youth and sport. Part of its operation is dedicated to international mobility in an academic context, extending not only to students, but also to teachers and technical and administrative staff.

For more information regarding application periods and the entire application process you may consult the following pages:

General Information

Mobility of teaching staff (STA)

The Program allows the mobility of teaching staff between European higher education institutions, for the realization of a teaching period, thus contributing to the internationalization of higher education institutions.

The teacher must be an employee of the institution (need to have a teaching contract with the institution, regardless of the type of contract and its duration);

The mobility of teachers for teaching missions takes place between higher education institutions that have an Interinstitutional Agreement valid for the year of mobility, with teacher mobility activities foreseen for specific teaching areas.

They have a minimum duration of 2 days and a maximum duration of 2 months (excluding travel days) and require a minimum of 8 hours per week to be taught at the host institution.


Staff Training Mobility (STT)

Staff mobility activities for training are carried out between higher education institutions or other organizations from a country participating in the Program.

Training missions will normally last for a week, but they can have a minimum duration of 2 days (excluding travel days) or extend up to 2 months and aim to:

allow the acquisition of knowledge or expertise based on experiences and good practices in similar European institutions / services, allow the development of practical skills relevant to the performance of their duties and for their professional development and help to build cooperation between research institutions. higher education and companies;

ULisboa has a budget that allows financing with a maximum financeable cost of  910€ per mission (allowing for a mobility activity with an average duration of 5 working days – the amount indicated includes support for the cost of the trip and the subsistence value). These grants must be used for missions to be carried out until the end of June of the current year.

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