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Visa request

Citizens outside the European Union or the Schengen Space will need to apply for a visa at a Portuguese embassy or consulate abroad, to enter in Portugal. It is essential to gather information, at the home country, on the documents to be presented in Portugal.

Depending on the applicant situation (student, trainee, researcher) and the period of stay in Portugal, one of the following visa request can be submittted:

  • A Residence visa for the mobility of higher education students;
  • A short duration visa – for a maximum period of three months, with a validity deadline of a year for one or more entries in Portugal;
  • A Temporary Stay Visa – for periods longer than three months: this visa is valid for three months and mulltiple entries in Portugal;
  • A visa intending to carry our Research, Teach at an Institution of Higher Education, or perform a Highly Qualified Activity.

The necessary documents for the visa request usually are:

  • Application in a standard form;
  • Valid travel document (+3 months beyond the validity of the visa);
  • 2 passport-sized colour photographs, taken against a neutral background, recent and allowing for a proper identification of the applicant;
  • Certificate of no criminal record issued by the country of origin;
  • Certificate of no criminal record in Portugal;
  • Medical certificate or travel medical insurance;
  • Proof of lodging conditions in Portugal;
  • Proof of availability of means of subsistence in Portugal;
  • Proof of registration.

Additionally to the documents above mentioned, the following documents are also necessary for visa application at the Embassies:

  • Acceptance Letter addressed to the student;
  • Letter addressed to the Portuguese Consulate;
  • Information about accommodation.

Adittional information at SEF.

To carry out research, to teach in a Higher Education Institution or for performing a highly-skilled activity, there are specific rules.

Visa requests should be submitted 2 months before departure to Portugal.


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