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Mobility Open Day 2022

On November 23rd and 24th, at Taguspark and Alameda campuses, respectively, the Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NMCI) organized the first edition of the Mobility Open Day.

This event was attended by more than 700 people belonging to the Técnico Lisboa community – from Professors to students, including administrative staff and grant holders/researchers -, who had the opportunity to get to know better all the national and international mobility programs in which they can participate in information stands regarding the following programmes:

  • International Internships;
  • Mobility Outside Europe;
  • Short-term Courses;
  • Erasmus Studies;
  • International Ambassadors;
  • Joint Programmes;
  • Mobility Studies Europe (HMDA, MTIH, UNITE!)
  • National Studies Mobility (Almeida Garrett Programme);
  • Staff Mobility – Teaching and Training (STA/STT).

The Mobility Talks were also organized for the first time, allowing the contact between interested students and students who have already had a mobility period in an informal moment of sharing experiences.

The avid participation in the event allowed the NMCI to understand the preferences of the community regarding destinations and types of mobility, which will encourage the establishment of new agreements to increase the mobility flows of Técnico Lisboa as a whole.

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