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Mobility Talks

Mobility Talks are an event organised by Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NMCI) as part of the Mobility Open Day, with the aim of facilitating direct interaction between people interested in participating in an international mobility programme and those who have already experienced it.

This initiative provides a crucial point of contact, allowing for the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge among peers through an interaction that fosters a sense of community, encourages collaboration and allows for the sharing of experiences, challenges and opportunities related to international mobility.

The event adopts an “informal” and personal format featuring speakers who have successfully completed international mobility programmes, sharing their first-hand experiences and knowledge. Discussions are expected to engage a diverse group of participants, facilitating an open dialogue on various aspects of their mobility.

As the event evolves based on the questions and answers that emerge, it ends up covering a wide range of topics related to international mobility, such as identifying suitable programmes, preparing for cultural differences, adapting to new environments and using the experience for personal and professional growth.

To this end, NMCI directly invites students who have already participated in an international mobility programme on a voluntary basis, and their presence is only required without any associated presentation material given the informal nature of the initiative. Subsequently, NMCI team establishes a calendar with sessions attended by at least two students from two different experiences (different programmes and/or countries) and publishes the calendar with the name of the programmes and the destination country that will be discussed at the respective time. It is on the basis of this comment that the participants in the Mobility Open Day go to the venue of the Mobility Talks (no prior registration required), where they sit down and participate in the talk, either for the whole time of the talk or only for part of it.


On the 6th of December of 2023 on the Main Building of Alameda Campus:


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