Técnico/Hopkins project selected by FLAD “UP Education 2024 Program”

Técnico Lisboa’s International Affairs Division (AAI) has successfully secured funding for the “HOPTEC” project through the UP Higher Education 2024 Program. This marks the second edition of the competition, designed to foster partnerships between higher education institutions in Portugal and the United States.

HOPTEC was among the five projects selected by the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), built upon a collaborative effort between Instituto Superior Técnico (Técnico) and Johns Hopkins University (Hopkins). The project’s primary goal is to advance joint scientific research in priority areas while expanding opportunities for master’s and doctoral students from both institutions. Through this endeavor, HOPTEC aims to solidify existing collaborative dynamics and share them with the broader Hopkins and Técnico communities.

The consortium’s team comprises two Técnico alumni, Inês Godet (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) and André Forjaz (Hopkins Institute for NanoBioTechnology), who will serve as Principal Researchers. At Técnico, Denise Castilho de Matos (AAI Director) assumes the role of Project Coordinator.

The supported projects were officially announced on November 14, 2023, during a ceremony held at FLAD.

For further information, please visit the corresponding website.

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